We are experiencing the 6th mass extinction: 60% of animal species have disappeared during the last 40 years.
It is time for us to decide whether we want to sit and watch, or whether we are going to stand up and act.


Wild Immersion’s mission is to reconnect people with each other and with nature by creating a sense of wonder, empathy and curiosity through our virtual reality films.

We believe that creating bonds that evoke joy and enthusiasm with nature is key to encouraging people to care about saving biodiversity and protecting humanity’s future.

We have already opened Wild Immersion venues in several major cities and will continue to grow so that our films can transport millions of people to the heart of nature.



Our Mission



The Jane Goodall Institute


The partnership between Dr. Jane Goodall and the Wild Immersion project was born after a meeting with Adrien Moisson when Jane had a chance to see some of his superb footage of animals in the wild. It was agreed that we only protect what we know and that by allowing as many people as possible to immerse themselves in the wild world so that they could witness the unique beauty of animals in the wild, they would also appreciate the fragility of their world and our need to conserve it for future generations.

DR. Jane Goodall loved the concept of this non-invasive approach to wildlife, and invested time formulating this adventure. She was involved in the concept planning and gave advice regarding locations for many of the species photographed by Wild Immersion team.

By endorsing this project, Jane hopes that Wild Immersion experience will educate broad range of ages in audiences around the world and lead to the modification of some of the behaviors that are causing damage to the environment and its inhabitants.

Thanks to the new technologies and the talent of a passionate team, it is now possible to witness the daily life of endangered species with respect while visiting their environment, in the wild. In parallel, JGI global launched a global campaign to raise awareness of the threats that weigh on many species who are victims of wildlife trafficking, # 4everWild.

Jane invites us to participate as we are able and says that “Every individual makes a difference every single day and its up to each one of us as to the kind of difference we want to make”.

A portion of the profits from the Wild Immersion box office in the Pathé Cinemas will be donated to the JGI to support the ongoing programmes of the Jane Goodall Institute.

“Nature can win if we give it a chance”

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

Founder - The Jane Goodall Institute & Messenger of Peace of the United Nations



Technology at the service of immersion

Virtual reality allows us to teleport our viewers to the heart of wildlife for an encounter of impossible proximity.

We are in a constant search to further connect people with nature and to integrate, in the coming months, new technology into our VR experience.

Augmented reality, 4D, and interactivity are various paths we are exploring to ensure the greatest possible immersion.

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