We have a catalogue of 9 films, 3 of which are educational. In 2019, we still plan to release 3 films. The Great Apes will make you discover our cousins a little closer; The treasures of Central America will immerse you in the richest ecosystem in the world; Jane and the chimpanzees will allow you to relive, with Dr Jane Goodall, all her discoveries about chimpanzees.

The Cutest Movie in the World



With the "cutest movie in the world" you will discover wildlife in its most endearing but also most vulnerable form.

You will discover feverish, playful or curious animals: baby turtles, fawns, koala, chimpanzees and a little pangolin.

This film will take you on a journey through a fragile environment that is now absolutely necessary to preserve and protect.



Equinox and Solstice



With "Equinox" you will travel in the middle of warm colours where the trees are red, ochre and orange. In this season the flaming forests welcome owls, red squirrels and wolves, preparing for the winter.

Then, snowfalls cover the landscape. With "Solstice" you will discover, as far as the eye can see, imperturbable and impenetrable landscapes where extraordinary animals live.



All Around The World



Have you always dreamed of traveling around the world?

Thanks to Wild Immersion it is now possible and by limiting your carbon footprint!

With this film you will cross the 5 continents to discover the endemic flora and fauna of each part of the world. You will go all around the planet: hot and cold lands,  jungle,  savannah and oceans to see the animals as you have never seen them before!




wild immersion new 00078.jpg


Warm lands, luxurious vegetative surroundings.

An unforgettable trip with 15 vignettes, each dedicated to a special animal: mongoose, chimp, pelican, emu, cheetah, python, tarentula, etc.
Nature at its peak.

Thanks to our drones, you will be teleported directly into a deep blue sky with an infinite horizon. 360• VR rotation technology allows the viewer to have complete control; you'll experience the unique sensation of flying with pink flamingos just like you were there with them. 






A subaquatic odyssey. A breathtaking immersion.

Dive in the deep blue sea with schools of tropical colorful fish, a sea turtle, a manta ray, a whale shark, all surrounded by the coral barrier ... offering you an amazingly beautiful journey. 

All of these species are close to extinction.






Cold regions, a polar environment. 

In this movie the spectator finds himself levitating over a frozen lake with a group of wapitis. 

Suddenly, a gigantic Aurora Borealis lights a sky full of stars. Nature is never so powerful as it is in winter. This hostile environment is the home of many admirable species who are directly confronted by climate change.