Permanent locations

With its permanent location concept, Wild Immersion creates a fully immersive environment. Thanks to a highly sophisticated sound system and the latest tech, each venue brings realistic sensations to the audience, allowing each spectator to fully live this VR experience.
Equipped with the VR Lenovo Mirage Solo Daydream headset, everyone is able to discover nature and wild animals in their own environment, just like you're walking in the jungle, diving into the ocean or flying with rare birds. The Wild Immersion is a VR program dedicated to promoting our coexistence with wild animals and nature preservation. 

By saving wildlife it's also Mankind that's being saved. 

wild im beaugrenelle00003.jpg

Wild Immersion has created a unique experience inside three Pathé cinemas. At the heart of Paris in Pathé Beaugrenelle and Pathé La Villette, our visitors can discover a space dedicated to wildlife animals. All through two movies of 12 minutes they can travel near animals evolving in their natural habitats. Since a few weeks, Wild Immersion has also opened a space inside a Pathé cinema in Zurich to invite Swiss visitors into travelling in the savanna, underwater or with the animals of the great north.



In 2019 a permanent attraction opened in the heart of the Jardin d’Acclimatation. An animal park opened in 1860, the garden was renovated in 2018 to reposition the park’s mission in a world focused on the preservation of animals rather than its exhibition outside their natural environment. The Wild Immersion approach naturally fits into this new positioning. We offer to 80 visitors, simultaneously, to join the animals in their habitat and connect with them to re-discover their grace and beauty.



Wild Immersion Finland launched in Helsinki on March 15th, 2019. The venue is located adjacent to hotel Haven near the Helsinki marina, the Esplanad park and market square. Wild Immersion Finland shows four virtual reality nature experiences Aqua, Alba, Terra and Borealis with parts filmed in Finland. The gallery also exhibits nature inspired art work by Katariina Souri, a well known Finnish author, painter and nature spokersperson as well as intricate animal sculptures by Eliya Zweygberg.